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Kalsang teaches workshops at museums, universities and retreat centres across North America, sharing his passion for Tibetan art as a practice of healing and self-realization. These workshops offer a rare opportunity to experience the tactile, meditative, and transformative practices of Tibetan painting.


By learning how to grind precious stones and crystals into powered pigments, you will develop your own unique palette and intimate relationship with colour. You will gain insight into the principles of sacred geometry and Buddhist rituals of purification, healing and self-discovery that have shaped Tibetan traditional art for thousands of years. By connecting these principles with your creative intuition, you will be encouraged to explore new forms of personal growth and expression. Join Kalsang in this colourful journey of art as awakening!


July 13-16, 2017   Marrowstone Island, WA

Aug 26-29, 2017   Well, BC

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